Steve Sparks

I provide free comprehensive support for missions and missionaries. I serve those that are serving others and other mission agencies. I am working hard to support world missions and mission outreach.

  • I provide logistics support for Medical Conferences in eastern Europe that have directly reached 3000 students from more than 20 counties. 
  • Help plan programs to prepare Missionaries preparing to serve in international missions. Such as Africa, Japan, and Ukraine. 
  • Support students who are studying for pastoral and missional work. Men and women who become pastors, teachers, and administrators. 

This ministry was established in 2013 after returning from Ukraine and working with MTW since 2007.

  • I am passionate about helping those working to build the kingdom. 
  • I have helped hire strategic staff for world missions, worked a part of a core team to establish training and learn programs.
  • Worked directly with students who needed guidance and support for technology and ministry. 

This ministry has impacted the lives of many missionaries and 100's of non-believers worldwide. The financial support I receive makes that possible  

I need your support to continue my ministry. Money donated helps pay for my work and the expenses to support these efforts. 

Without your support, encouragement, and prayer my efforts would not be possible. Your continued love and faith are shown to me through prayer and financial support equip me to serve Christ in this way.

The Mission Continues:

Since 2007, my family and I have been serving together in ministry. From the time we met, our ministry has focused in Ukraine and continues to touch so many in a country we love. I have continued working to support a comprehensive medical outreach conference that happens annually in Ukraine. In addition to serving the people of Ukraine, I continue to work vigilantly to support my family in St. Louis. As part of our life in the Midwest, we have been working to support students going through seminary preparing for ministry.  Specifically, Steve is part of the MTW Midwest Senior Team working hard to seek out and prepare those wanting to serve in world missions in places like India, Africa, and Ukraine.

In 2018:

During 2018, I have had opportunities to continue to provide services to hundreds of medical students who are Christians and living in Ukraine. Additionally, the conference leaders have utilized my technical support to reach out to many Hindus, Muslim and those of other faiths in Ukraine to share the Christian faith and our hope in Christ. Lives are changing, and missionaries are being helped. Thank you for making this possible!

Can you be my advocate?

The reality of ministry is that it needs financial support. As I continue to work here in St. Louis as part of the MTW Midwest Team, continue to work with Ukraine Medical Outreach, and partner with other ministry works, I need financial support. Please consider giving a gift today as a one time or ongoing gift. Can your church or other organization support me? Please consider asking on my behalf. My support account needs help. I need advocates that can help me raise additional support to continue this ministry. If you have questions, please email or call me 512-774-1044.