Munden, Mark and Laurie

In Luke 15:4-7 Jesus tells a story of a shepherd who has 100 sheep and one of them is lost. He leaves the 99 behind to go after the one that is lost. That lost one matters to the shepherd.

At 99Behind The One Matters. We recognize that each person is a precious soul that Jesus died to save and restore. Our heart is to pursue the one, and journey with them progressively through these Four Streams as they are united or reunited with the redemptive community of the 99.


  • Leaving the 99 behind to pursue the ones that are lost, rejected, lonely, isolated, disconnected, wounded, broken, marginalized, forgotten or weary.
  • Building relationships with them in their current environment.


  • Loving the ones where they are, yet loving them enough to not leave them there.
  • Sharing God’s love to rescue them from the enemy and the kingdom of darkness, from a life of spiritual defeat and bondage, and even the religious status quo.


  • Restoring the one to a new identity in Christ through the power of The Holy Spirit.
  • Connecting or re-connecting them to the 99 - a community of authenticity and life changing discipleship to become the one that God intends.


  • Sending them out as followers of Christ who, through the uniqueness of their gifts, talents, and life story, will leave the 99 behind to pursue the lost ones in their world.